Your child should try ballet

Each child has a creative side and in the early years of childhood it is most often reflected in dance and in the freedom of movement specific to it. Therefore, in the dance classes, children will spend their time in an environment where they will grow harmoniously, can correct their weight and make new friends with whom to give a dancing party every time they step into the modern hall training. Under the close supervision of dedicated teachers, children will move on the elegant rhythms of sports dance as well as the free rhythms of street dance and hip hop.
Ballet classes in Bucharest offered can be the first steps towards performance in one of the finest arts.
At the same time, ballet can be a good way to spend time in a pleasant, quiet, relaxed environment where self-discipline will be learned. In the ballet classes in Bucharest, the first visible improvement will be the posture of the body, followed by the muscular toning.
The ballet requires the majority of muscle groups, especially those on the legs, abdomen and back, groups that, when worked, will develop a supple and harmonious silhouette. The ballet exercises will be conducted safely under the guidance of experienced professionals in the field, in the studio that offers great conditions for expressing this art. The ballet classes in Bucharest are held in collaboration with the Ballet House, which uses the prestigious Vaganova method, born in St. Petersburg. The children will benefit not only from the sculptural development offered by this discipline but also from a profound understanding of the emotions stirred by the art of ballet.
The courses of the Ballet House are designed at levels appropriate to the age, maturity and dance experience of each dancer.
There are collaborations between ballet houses and preschool education institutions so as to encourage the magic and harmony of the movement from the youngest ages of the child. There is a special program in kindergartens that includes dance classes and introduction to the classic ballet , program supported by specialized teachers of the ballet house.

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